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Multi-ply Fabric Conveyor Belt
Multi-ply Fabric Conveyor Belt
  • Multi-ply Fabric Conveyor Belt
Multi-ply Fabric Conveyor Belt
Fabric conveyor belt is a king of traditional rubber belt, which is constructed by fabrics (EP/NN/CC) and covered with top and bottom rubber. It is used by mining, seaport, cement and concrete plants, sand, gravel and stone industry, heating and power stations, etc.
Fabric Conveyor Belts are named according to different carcass: EP Conveyor belt , Nylon Conveyor belt and Cotton Conveyor belt.
1.EP Conveyor belt:Low elongation, impact resistant, excellent heat resistant, available for the materials handling of heavy duty, high speed and medium distance.
2.Nylon Conveyor belt:Flexible, high tension, impact resistant, available for conveying materials of medium distance.
3.Cotton Conveyor belt:available for the materials handling of medium distance.

Accordance with different applications, we can produce belt with different grades as following:
  1. Heat Resistant Belt
According to the temperature of working environments, we can manufacture 4 different grades heating resistant belt, including up to 120℃ grade(HR120), up to 150℃ grade(HR150), up to 180℃ grade(HR180) and up to 200℃ grade(HR200) .Generally used by cements and steel works.
  1. Abrasion Resistant Belt (≤90mm3)/ Super Abrasion Resistant Belt (≤60mm3)
Generally used for transport the hard or sharp materials, like iron ore, diamond, copper and other minerals.
  1. Oil Resistant Belt
Generally used for wood, grain transportation.
  1. Fire Resistant Belt
Always used in power station, underground coal mining, steel works and so on.
  1. Cold Resistant Belt
The belt can work in some cold environment with temperature above -45℃,like Northeast of China, Russia and North European countries.
  1. Acid/Alkali Resistant Belt
Always used in Chemical materials transportation.
  1. Conventional Belt
Generally used for small powder, grain and block materials, etc.
Fabric Type Ply Strength (N/mm) Ply Thickness   (mm) Cover Thickness (mm) No.s of Ply Width Range (mm)
Top Rubber Bottom Rubber
EP/NN 100 100 1.00 3.0
1-12 400-3200
EP/NN 125 125 1.10
EP/NN 150 150 1.15
EP/NN 200 200 1.25
EP/NN 250 250 1.50
EP/NN 300 300 1.75
EP/NN 350 350 2.20
EP/NN 400 400 2.40
Ply Thickness = A
No.s of Ply=B
Carcass thickness=A*B-0.4
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