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Belt Joint Clamp
1. The electrical control system and the heating system are specially designed to meet the most stringent explosion protection standards.

2. The main parts of this vulcanizer is made of steel and aluminum alloy.

3. The electro thermal components are of multilayer structure, connected by three-phase electric circuit. It works stably and reliably on small current.

4. The heating plate shell is made of aluminum alloy, with low thermal inertia and directivity, can make better surface heating temperature uniformity.

5. During the working time of the heating plate, from warming to vulcanizing, the time and temperature are both controlled by the control box. It ensures low energy consumption, high efficiency, convenient operation, reliable work, and good vulcanization quality.

6. The type of the pressure device is hydraulic rubber water bag. Its structure is simple. It can make large and even pressure up to 3 Mpa during vulcanization.
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