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Patterned Conveyor Belt
Patterned Conveyor Belt
  • Patterned Conveyor Belt
Chevron/Patterned  Conveyor Belt

  It  inclination angle conveyor belt  composed of working surface  patterned cover rubber,nonworking surface cover rubber and carcass.According to different cover rubber properties,they are calssified into different type s of conveyor belts including general use,oil resistant ,acid/alkali resistant and heat tesistant etc.


  0-45 inclination angle to prevent material from sliding downward,and improve conveying capacity Materials:

  Cotton canvas.Nylon canvas and Polyester canvas.

  Pattern types:

  V shaped pattern,column shaped,U shaped pattern and special shaped pattern.

  Producing width:300-2000mm, No.of canvas layers:3-10;

  Technical index:Refering to relative standards for general use textile conveyor belt and nylon conveyor belt.
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