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Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Machine
Joint Vulcanizing Machine
  • Joint Vulcanizing Machine
Steel Cord Belt Stripper Machine
Steel Cord Belt Stripper Machine also named cutting device, is used to continuedly install a new steel cord conveyor belt. Used in major coal mining, metallurgy, mining, ports, power, coking, subways, tunnels, etc.
  1. Ropes could be stripped out from steel cord conveyor belt easily and quickly.
  2. No need to flip the belt. Top and bottom cover rubber could be stripped by once time
  3. One thin layer of rubber could be left on the ropes after stripped, which can improve the bonding between cables and rubber when jointed.
  4. Compared with the traditional hand stripping, this machine could strip out the steel cord tidy and reduce the manpower & time and improve the bonding quality.
 Traction  Belt Thickness  Steel Cord Diameter Cable Pitches  Belt Strength  Pulling Speed 
 ≥6KN  ≤43mm  4.9~13.2mm  10-25mm  ST1600-ST5400  6-20m/min
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