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The Characteristics Of The Endless Conveyor Belt

Date:Nov 13, 2018    Visit:
Endless conveyor belt (endless conveyor belt) is in the production process will be made of conveyor belt without loop conveyor belt (endless conveyor belt),
Endless conveyor belt
which is characterized by no core with a joint, no damage due to early damage to the service life, Tape surface smooth, uniform tension, so the tape running smoothly, the use of elongation is small. Endless conveyor belt, endless conveyor belt: the conveyor belt refers to the production process has been made into a conveyor belt endless conveyor belt, with a strong core of the tape can reach the tape body strength of 90%,
tape surface no obvious connector Defects, therefore, tape transport balance, the use of elongation is small. Round conveyor belt with high quality cotton or cotton interwoven canvas made of general 2-6 layer or with NN-200 nylon canvas (or polyester canvas) for the strong layer.
Circular conveyor belt Length and limit deviation: endless conveyor length m Limit deviation mm Length less than 15 ± 50 Length 15-20 ± 75 Length greater than 20 Length ± 05% The company can produce according to customer needs the appropriate length,
width and thickness of the Ordinary type, heat-resistant (≤ 120oC), cold type (not less than -40oC), acid and alkali type, high temperature type (not higher than 150oC) and sanitary endless conveyor belt.