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Thickening Belt
Application   Flat transmmision Belt and Roller cover rubber
Features Hardness,shore A Range 40~90
Rubber color Black,White,Green,Blue,Yellow,Pink,Red and Any Color
Temperature -70℃ ~ +200℃
Character Heat reisitance,Cold resistance,High abrasion resistance
Oil resistance,Anti-Swelling,Water resistance,Weathering resistance
Ozone resistance,Antistatic,Meganetic,Anti flexing cracking
1) We can print the designated trade mark on the products according to the effective accrediting of the client.
2)“The timing belt project innovation center” of our company can specially design, manufacture rubber timingbelt with all kinds of special specifications.
3) To meet the demands of the customer, we will offer door-do-door services to measure and analyze, in order to do good skill consultation for equipment matching and to design the timing belt and Pulley.

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